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Protecting oneself from identity and credit thieves is not something that can be done without help. Acts of theft could take place anywhere in the world. Only a professional service capable of monitoring and tracking activities 24/7 can lend the necessary support. Several different companies do make claims of being able to perform the necessary work. Granted, no company’s advertising material is going to make it sound like anything less than the supreme best. Consumers do need to take appropriate and necessary steps to make sure the service in question does deliver.

One particular company has made a solid name for itself. Identity Guard has shown clients it can deliver on promises related to identity theft services.

Top Companies

There are several companies that do deserve positive mentions. LifeLock is a very popular company thanks to an effective media campaign. IdentityForce has also established itself as a top provider in the industry. Look for both companies to continue to grow in market share. Identity Guard might be the top choice due to the many benefits membership presents. Reading customer reviews and consumer reports on Identity Guard could be quite intriguing.

Identity Guard Comes with Benefits — The Distinct Plans

Realizing not everyone has the same budget to work with, Identity Guard provides four plans: Essential, Privacy Now, Total Protection, Platinum plans. The costs of the three top plans are $19.99, $19.99, and $24.99 respectively. Essential coverage is just $9.99. With each level of plan, expanded service is made available. Potential clients with limited budgets should realize that some coverage is better than no coverage at all. Those who can afford a top tier plan should be willing to invest in it. Why turn down more coverage when the cost would not be severe?

The two top plans do offer similar services. Names and social security numbers are monitored very closely across a vast expanse of databases. If someone’s name and SSN are showing up somewhere they don’t want either to be, learning about personal info breaches would be vital to curtailing any disasters.

The client’s credit scores are monitored regularly with both major plans. Knowing if anyone has taken out loans or accessed credit card accounts will be revealed via sudden changes on a credit score. The difference between the two plans is frequency of the credit score update reporting. The top plan, Platinum, reveals monthly changes to a credit score. The Total Protection plan logs quarterly reports. The Essentials Plan, however, does not monitor the credit bureaus nor does it provide reports on an actual credit score. The Essentials Plan might not come with the top features, but it is still valuable. Once again, minimal monitoring is better than no monitoring.

Interestingly, for just $9.99, adults can track accounts related to children under the appropriately-titled “Identity Guard for Kids” service. Yes, children can be targets of identity thieves. Children’s social security numbers do have value on the black market.

Helpful Services

There are excellent services available with the plans put forth by Identity Guard. ID Vault® Password Protection makes it much more difficult for thieves to log into accounts they have no business seeing. Lost-Wallet Protection takes a lot of stress out of a horrible scenario. With this type of protection, the service will work at canceling credit cards and helping with other responsibilities experienced when a wallet is missing. Identity Theft Victim Assistance is absolutely beneficial. Discussing a disastrous situation with a professional counseling aids in making sure things are addressed calmly and correctly. No one needs to feel he/she has to go at it alone.

The Insurance Option

Identity Guard does present very helpful insurance coverage for those signed up with the service. With Identity Guard, $1 million in insurance coverage is provided to pay for any losses that arise due to identity theft. Needless to say, the costs associated with identity theft can be enormous. $1 million in insurance coverage could go a long way to replace lost assets and pay for legal expenses.

Review the Features

Checking out the company’s profile is advisable. Entering into an agreement with any identity theft/credit protection service should be done carefully. Likely, those who check out what Identity Guard delivers will feel both confident and pleased.