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USAA currently offers three separate credit monitoring plans: CreditCheck, CreditCheck & ID Monitor for one credit reporting bureau, and CreditCheck & ID Monitor for all three credit reporting bureaus. Here’s how the three plans compare:

The CreditCheck plan is free of charge for USAA members. It includes your Experian credit report and score upon signup and annually after that. You also get your Experian credit score, which is updated monthly, along with alerts when your score goes up or down or reaches a target goal that you set. You get dedicated fraud assistance, which means an Experian Fraud Resolution Agent assists you in resolving identity theft. If there are any changes to your credit report, this service will alert you, as it provides daily monitoring. You will have access to the USAA Score Planner tool, which lets you check what effect certain actions have on your credit score.

The CreditCheck & ID Monitor for one bureau plan costs $7.95 per month. It includes all the features that the CreditCheck plan has and several upgrades. You get your Experian credit report monthly instead of yearly and your Experian credit score updates twice every month instead of monthly. This plan includes ChildSecure, which alerts you if any credit accounts are opened in any of your children’s names. Experian internet surveillance alerts you if your Social Security number, credit card number or debit card number comes up in any online sources of compromised information. You get card replacement assistance through Experian customer care.

The plan also includes identity theft insurance to cover you for eligible expenses if you’re the victim of identity theft, which can include legal fees and lost wages. It provides identity protection alerts to let you know whenever new credit or banking accounts are opened in your name and if any account changes are made to your registered mailing address. Finally, the plan extends the credit report monitoring of the CreditCheck plan to also include Equifax and TransUnion.

The Credit Check & ID Monitor plan for three bureaus costs $12.95 per month. It provides all the same features as the previous plan, along with monthly credit reports from Equifax and TransUnion.

The main benefits of USAA’s credit monitoring plans are their price, the daily credit monitoring and the numerous features each plan provides. Considering the CreditCheck plan is free for USAA members, it provides an impressive amount of protection. The CreditCheck & ID Monitor plan for one bureau is also a strong credit monitoring option. Upgrading to the three bureau plan doesn’t make much sense unless you really want to stay updated on all three of your credit reports every month. Since you can get one free credit report from each credit reporting bureau per year anyway, it’s not worth the extra $5 to upgrade.

The only downside to USAA’s credit monitoring is that it’s not available to everyone, as you must be in the United States military or related to someone in the military to sign up for the company’s services. However, if you are eligible to sign up, its first two credit monitoring plans are both excellent choices that stack up well against the competition.